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Make your options trading smarter
with our analysis and backtesting tools

Style of Trading

RV Charts

Relative prices across multiple earnings cycles for (nearly) all options available


See return, deviation & drawdown of options positions around earnings for individual entry/exit days

Real-Time Tool

See up-to-date & historical intraday RV values
(locally using your own broker API)

Email Alerts

Configure your personalized email reminders

Earnings Reaction

Historical implied and actual earnings
announcement reactions over time

Upcoming Announcements

Dates and key figures
for evaluating candidates

More to come…

About Us

Christof is the founder of the company running chartaffair.
He holds a phd in finance and his greatest passions are trading and quant stuff.
His second passion is entrepreneurship. He is part of
several startups and consults social startups pro-bono.

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